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Passionate about aesthetics and beauty for many years, we discovered a revolutionary product to give volume to your eyelashes in record time during a trip abroad. Following this discovery, we wanted to offer an equivalent product on the French market. This is where Cil'Evolution, our favorite eyelash curler, was born.

After months of research, our team developed Cil'Evolution, an eyelash curler designed for the needs of the French market. This product has quickly become a must-have on our website thanks to its fast and salon-like results.

We also wanted to offer you complementary products highlighting all our know-how and expertise to allow you to have healthy eyelashes without spending hundreds of euros each year in a beauty salon.

Today, Cil'Evolution has become the reference in the French market for eyelash curlers and we still have dozens of ideas in the back of our minds to innovate without ceasing. The French Touch is present in our company and our products will never leave you!